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Case Studies: Liverpool One, Paradise St, Liverpool

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Project Type: New Build
Sectors: Commercial, Residential, Retail

Large EF and high-level access platform

Project: New Build

Services Supported:

  • Bank of 2800kg dry air coolers with high-level access walkway
  • 7 sets of four 2800kg extract fans double-stacked and high level access platforms
  • 7000kg sets of 4 attenuators to serve EF's
  • Various large pipe and duct runs
  • 25,000kg plantroom with access steps

Roof finish: inverted roof construction with concrete deck to 7.5kN/m2

Access cat ladder
High-level access platform
Dry air cooler supports and high-level access platform
Plantroom support
High level dry air cooler supports
Unit supports
Large duct supports
Double-stacked EF support & access platform
Dry air cooler support and access platform, EF and plantroom supports
Pipe supports and high-level access platform for dry air coolers
Bank of dry air coolers
Large duct and attenuator support
Large double-stacked EF supports & access platform
Large double-stacked duct support
Dry air cooler access platform

This was one of the biggest projects Roof-Pro has been involved in to-date, and allowed our systems to show their significant benefits for flexibility and ease of installation.  

Crown House & Laing O'Rourke decided to use the Roof-Pro support solutions for the landlord's roof-mounted plant areas, to provide a flexible and cost-effective method of installation of a large variety of services. Our surveying and design team visited site, and provided detailed CAD drawings of all our unit support frames for the project team. These included load management calculations for the project structural engineer's approval, which are a key element of the design process when supporting units of this size. High level access platforms were also designed for access to units, providing safe access for maintenance personnel.

Difficult coordination and penetrating plant supports were avoided by utilising our free-standing penetrations throughout the plant areas. Our design team provided all the required information to allow the project team to make correct and informed support decisions.