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Roofing Products

Roof-Pro's simple, cost-effective and pre-fabricated solutions can make all the difference in increasing the life expectancy and performance of a roof.
This ultimately helps to ensure the smoothest possible operation of your end-client's building.
The solutions that we offer are desiged to make the lives of construction professionals just that little bit easier.
Our technical advice is backed up by over 18 years of experience operating within this industry.

Free-Standing Guardrail & Rooflights 

We can now also offer free-standing guardrail as part of a bespoke access solution.

PP-3 & Roof-Nek

Roof-Pro's PP-3 & Roof-Nek range provides weather-tight penetration risers for pipe and cable access in flat roof plant areas.

We stock 3 standard sizes of PP-3 and 1 standard size of Roof-Nek in our warehouse, so that they are always available to be delived to you.

As and when required, we can also offer bespoke penetration risers, which can be tailored to suit your specific project criteria.



RedLINE and FlamLINE provides a fully integrated flat expansion joint sealed into the waterproofing. It is compatible with bituminous membrane, asphalt and epoxy.



These are rainwater refurbishment outlets, which are stocked in 8 standard sizes.

The Proliner is supplied complete with a gravel-guard, leaf-guard & clamping ring.

As with the PP-3, we can create bespoke solutions as and when they are required by our customers.



The Lite-Anchor provides a secure fixing clip for lightning conductor tape.

An excellent, practical design detail that can accommodate a high level of movement from both the tape and roofing finishes.