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PP-3 & Roof-Nek

Roof-Pro's PP-3 & Roof-Nek risers provide the build team with a pre-fabricated detail, which offers a consistent level of quality and design for weather-proofing penetrations for pipe and cable entry in flat roof plant areas.

They avoid DIY attempts often seen on-site that become weather-proofing nightmares, and clearly define the space and route available for pipe and cable entry.

The PP-3 & Roof-Nek offer increased assurance that cable and pipe entry points can be effectively water-proofed and insulated by the roofing team.

Once installed and weathered, the building is immediately water-tight and the M&E contractors can, as and when necessary, gain access to the riser by temporarily removing the lid.

The design facilitates easy access to run cable and pipes through the mid-section into or out of the building.

The pipes and cables also exit the riser detail at the ideal height to be supported by Roof-Pro's pipe and cable supports, and therefore allow for future roof maintenance access under the building services.



The PP-3 unit provides a water-proofed entry point to run larger cables and pipes into your building.

The PP-3 is the larger of the two riser details, and is available in 3 standard sizes, with bespoke sizes available upon request. 



  • Powder coated aluminium finish – for added durability
  • Pre-primed base section – for quick installation into the waterproofing membrane
  • Cover flashing – deep enough to permit vertical insulation
  • Removable access lid – gives clear working access for M&E contractors
  • Aluminium pull-out panel – cut without risk of corrosion to services profile for added weather protection
  • Future-proof – up-stand height allows for future waterproofing under services without the need for any de-commissioning
  • Protective cowl - projects over vertical aperture for increased weather protection.



Our 3 standard sizes can be delivered to site next-day: 

PP-3 1875: (180mm high x 755mm wide vertical aperture)

PP-3 3040: (300mm high x 400mm wide vertical aperture)

PP-3 2020: (200mm high x 200mm wide vertical aperture).

Bespoke sizes of PP-3 are available on request.



Based on the same principle as the PP-3, the Roof-Nek is available in one standard size.

The internal diameter of the Roof-Nek is 52mm.

This Roof-Pro product is an ideal solution for small pipe and cable entry points.



  • The benefits of using this particular Roof-Pro product include:
  • A spun aluminium base
  • A large area to bond waterproofing
  • Detachable lid for ease of access
  • Future-proof: allows sufficient clearance for future water-proofing under existing services, without the need for de-commissioning
  • A pipe/cable port plate with knock-out holes.


For more information please download our product literature, or contact your local Technical Sales Manager.