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Roof-Pro offers a fully-integrated flat expansion joint sealed into the waterproofing, compatible with bituminous membranes, asphalt and epoxy.

RedLINE is the ideal joint tape for bituminous seals. FlamLINE is a version that is compatible with torch-on roofing membranes.

RedLINE and FlamLINE are ideal solutions for new-build projects, as well as for joint repair within refurbishment projects.

They can be integrated easily into water-proofing build-ups, but also can accommodate projects with complex changes in direction.

Both can be joined together on-site with a portable vulcanising machine, permitting a phased approach to a continuous joint.

Hence, there are no weak points and the joint can be installed efficiently by your on-site team.



RedLINE consists of a highly elastic movement section made of EPDM and two laterally flexible adhesive flanges.

The flanges are reinforced by a polyester fleece that stabilises the EPDM, forcing movement to occur only in the movement section and provides a surface that gives high bonding strength.



FlamLINE is a version that is compatible with torch-on roofing membranes.

FlamLINE is manufactured from a single flexible sheet of high grade Butyl-Elastomer.

The flanges contain a mesh that, like RedLINE, stabilises the adhesive flanges for sealing the waterproofing membrane to it.

Movement is again forced to occur in the section that is positioned over the expansion joint.



  • Easy to install
  • Vulcanised sections - no weak points
  • Stabilised adhesive flanges provide excellent bonding surface and prevent stress to waterproofing seal
  • Excellent bonding to roof membranes
  • Expansion area has high level of elasticity that bridges three-dimensional movement
  • No need to build complex structures (i.e. curbs) and bolted joints
  • Thin - very little build-up to accommodate
  • Flat - no loops or complex shapes to join
  • Accommodates changes in direction
  • Allows for phased installation with on-site vulcanising
  • Shaped mouldings can be fabricated to suit a variety of junctions.


For more information please download our product literature, or contact your local Technical Sales Manager.

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