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Product Overview

The Roof-Pro Proliner is a rainwater refurbishment outlet designed for flexibility and made from durable materials.

It has been designed where it is desirable to leave the existing outlet in place, and is sealed to the existing downpipe as a direct replacement for damaged outlets and vulnerable lead sleeve sections.

Proliner rainwater refurbishment outlets provide a new outlet, without causing any disruption and risk to the building's interior.

Constructed from malleable copper and lead, the Proliner can be easily adapted to fit virtually all situations and almost every type of outlet.

A secure triple protection is made using the expander tool (2 compression seals) and with sealant (3rd seal).

This forms an in-situ 'O' ring, which prevents harmful 'back-up' into the roof construction.



Large Copper Flange

  • Good bonding area
  • Minimal 0.75mm thickness reduces build-up
  • Easily dressed to fit close upstands
  • Suitable for cold and warm roof design
  • Compatible with bitumen, PVC and liquid coating membranes.


Clamping Ring

  • Secures the membrane to the rainwater outlet
  • Provides a gasket seal
  • Acts as a gravel guard
  • Retains the leaf guard.


Expander Tool-kit

  • Cleans the existing downpipe
  • Forms a mechanical seal
  • Forms 'O' ring to match pipe.


Leaf Guard

  • Protects the downpipe from blockages
  • Available in PVC as standard, or in aluminium upon request.



  • 8 standard sizes available kept in stock
  • Please refer to our product literature for sizing information
  • A 'Tool-kit Talk' can be given on-site if required.


For more information please download the product literature, or contact your local Technical Sales Manager.

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