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The Lite-Anchor from Roof-Pro is a simple and effective product, which secures lightning conductor tape to flat roof membranes.

It is easy to install, and provides a superior detail to accommodate high levels of movement in the conductor tape without exerting stress on the bond to the roof.

This is often an issue with traditional fixing methods, and can cause damage to the roof's water-proofing membrane.

Each Lite-Anchor has a purpose-made clip mechanically fixed to a waterproofing pad.

The pad can then be fully bonded to the roof membrane to provide a robust and durable fixing of the lightning conductor tape.



  • Allows thermal movement of the conductor tape
  • Easy to install, using standard trades and tools
  • Guaranteed bond area for secure fixing
  • No penetrations to the waterproofing
  • Pad is machine-cut to size with rounded corners
  • Compatible with any lightning conductor systems employed
  • Lite-Anchor is approved by the National Federation of Master Steeplejacks and Lightning Conductor Engineers. 



  • Standard brown or green felt membrane pads are always kept in stock
  • Clips are available for 25mm x 3mm bare, or PVC coated, conductor tape (please quote preference when ordering)
  • Client specific membranes can be accomodated upon request.


For more information please download our product literature, or contact your local Technical Sales Manager.

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