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Introducing Roof-Pro Systems

Roof-Pro Systems are designed to provide a future-proof, free-standing solution for supporting building services on a range of flat roof designs. These solutions are flexible and efficient, supporting building services that can range from cable runs to 25,000kg plant-rooms.

Every Roof-Pro support solution meets the requirements of the specific roof structure, which provides stability, load management, and building clearance. This ensures that the building services are fully supported, without the need for penetrative, damaging design details to the roof’s water-proofing.

Roof-Pro has extensive experience of working with specifiers and contractors on a range of projects from refurbishments to new-builds.

It is highly recommended that we are involved from the design stage onwards, in order to ensure the best possible results for the end-client. However, we are regularly involved at all stages of the build process.

We always aim to simplify and shorten your build schedule. Any late design changes in units or layouts can easily be accommodated with our support solutions, which minimises the risk of any project team co-ordination issues arising.


Roof-Pro's Range of Support Solutions

Since 1995, Roof-Pro has been developing a comprehensive range of effective support solutions.

Each project is assessed, and the appropriate support recommendation is then made by our Design Office.

We can support the following building services:

  • Small to large AHUs, chillers and dry-air coolers
  • Condensers, including: DX units and VRV/VRF systems
  • Cable ladders and cable trays
  • Small to large pipe runs
  • Duct, attenuator and extract fans
  • Solar panels, generators, water-tanks and plant-rooms
  • Access step overs, roof-level changes and unit maintenance platforms.

Roof-Pro’s support solutions also allow for service runs to be combined, which means that significant cost savings can then be made.


Roof Refurbishment Made Easy

Roof-Pro support systems are quickly and simply positioned on top of the roof finish, without penetrating or damaging the water-proofing membrane.

Building services and equipment are supported above the finished level of the roof, providing clearance to facilitate future roof maintenance and re-roofing, without the expense and inconvenience to the Building Owner of de-commissioning service units.


Pre-Fabricated Supports

Roof-Pro's team of Technical Sales Managers, and our dedicated Site Surveyor, can arrange to visit your office and/or site to discuss your individual project requirements.

Off-site fabrication results in labour and time savings on-site, due to easy-to-install supports. These can quickly be levelled and adjusted using our threaded, pivoting legs and bases. Lead times for standard and bespoke designs are excellent with our team able to provide further on-site assistance and advice, as and when required.


Three-Point Certification

The 'Three-Point Certification' is testament to the unique service that only we at Roof-Pro can deliver for you as our client.

At specification stage, request our Three-Point Certification so you know that your services support installation has been assessed for the following criteria:

  • Stability
  • Load Management
  • Building Clearance.

A 'Three-Point Certified' Roof-Pro support solution carries a 20 Year Warranty. This provides yet more long-term value for the end-client’s investment.


For more information, please contact your local Technical Sales Manager.