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Design and Technical

Roof-Pro provides a considered and professional support solution, based on a solid foundation of over 18 years of expertise and project design.

This will take into account various on-site factors, such as: roof finishes, wind-loading, space constraints and future maintenance requirements.

Our in-house Design and Technical Teams take responsibility for the design and pre-fabrication of the supports.

We always work to our unique Three-Point Certification, which ensures that all the key design criteria has been considered within your support design.

Ultimately, this avoids future issues for the client and their roof space.


The Industry's Leading Design Service

Our market-leading Design Service means that all of the following benefits are available to you and your project team:

  • Dedicated Design Team responsible for optimising your support solution
  • Readily available technical information for your approval, including:
    • CAD Drawings
    • BIM Objects
    • Load Management Calculations
    • Wind Stability Calculations
    • O&M Documentation.
  • Diverse product range that can support all of your various roof-mounted building services
  • On-site technical help from our capable team of Technical Sales Managers and Surveyors.


We highly recommend that you contact your local Technical Sales Manager to discuss your project requirements.