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Sustainable Roofing

The importance of sustainability for the roofing build-up is due to the multi-faceted role the roof plays in a building's design.

Firstly, the roof provides a protective covering from the elements, hence the importance of ensuring that each part of the roof's design does not permit water ingress.

Secondly, the roof, as part of the building envelope, has a thermal management function in maintaining a consistent U-Value and limiting heat loss.

There is also a third role that many flat roofs provide, which is the role of a convenient, external space to accommodate a wide variety of building services.

However, it is within this role as a building services plant area, where a roof's primary functions of water-proofing and thermal management can become jeopardised.


The following common mistakes when supporting building services can result in serious damage to the roof and reduce its life-span:

  • Penetrative Support Methods: require thermal bridging and complex detailing, which are prone to leaks and heat loss
  • Poor Load Management: can cause substantial damage to the roof
  • Lack of Clearance Under Supported Units: no maintenance access available for re-roofing and/or roof repairs.


Roof-Pro Systems provide a flexible and efficient solution for supporting building services, without the need for penetrative supports.

Life-cycle costs are an extremely important part of the building equation, and being able to maintain and extend the life of a roof provides significant benefits.

Specifying Roof-Pro to professionally design the building services supports for your project, will always provide the Building Owner with numerous advantages and cost savings in the long-term, especially when compared to traditional penetrative support methods.


For more information, please contact your local Technical Sales Manager.