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Main units & pipe supports, & stepoversDry air cooler support and access platform, EF and plantroom supportsBank of dry air coolers


Please feel free to download Roof-Pro's information about the following: 


Roof-Pro Systems:

  • Cable management solutions
  • Pipe and duct supports
  • Mechanical unit supports
  • Condenser unit supports
  • Access solutions.


Additional Roof-Pro Products:

  • PP-3 & Roof-Nek: access risers & upstands for building services
  • Proliner: flat roof rainwater refurbishment outlets
  • Lite-Anchor: secure lightning conductor fixing
  • RedLINE & FlamLINE: sealed flat expansion joint tapes.


We also can supply you with indicative CAD drawings of our products, for inclusion in your design layouts.

Upon request, we can also send you images and CAD drawings of previously completed Roof-Pro projects.

All of our downloads are available from the links located on the right hand side of this page. 

In order to include us in your tender specification, please download our 'Roof-Pro Support Specification'. 

Please contact your local Technical Sales Manager to discuss your project in more detail.