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Pipe supports

Pipe Supports

Roof-Pro offers a range of pipe support systems for all sizes and types of pipe-work.

The pipes can either be supported on the beams or suspended on drop-rods.

Our pre-fabricated pipe supports save time on-site for the installation team, enabling them to support pipe-work more quickly and efficiently.


Small to Medium Pipes

Our TAB-P pipe support system can be used to support a singular pipe, or a series of lightweight pipes, up to 50mm in diameter.

The TAB-P support utilises a single, broad base that provides effective and non-penetrative support for smaller pipes.

Installation is simple, with each pipe support comprised of galvanised studding and an open-channel beam that permits the locating and levelling of the pipe runs.


Medium to Large Pipes

Where there is a project requirement for medium to large pipe volumes, the TAB-P-500/750/1000 provides a secure, yet flexible, support solution.

Each pipe support consists of two Roof-Pro TAB bases, with an open-channel beam at widths of either 500mm, 750mm or 1000mm.

For larger runs of pipe-work, where either a higher support height is required, multiple support heights, or larger pipes are being supported, we would specify our RP-DPK range of pipe supports.

There are 3 standard beams widths: 1000mm, 1500mm and 2000mm. We can design bespoke sizes as and when requested.

These supports can have either threaded, or threaded and pivoting legs and bases, dependent on the roof-fall and the level of adjustment required on-site.

For larger/multiple pipes up to 400mm diameter, the Roof-Pro POD system would be recommended.

It utilises a galvanised steel H-Frame arrangement, facilitating the distribution of the point-loads over four inter-connected support bases.

The POD arrangement allows us to manage much larger and heavier pipe-work runs easily within the roof's structural parameters.

Pipe Bracketry and additional bracing to supports can be provided by Roof-Pro as and where required.

For multi-service runs (e.g. duct, pipe and cables), we can design supports to provide a cost-effective and co-ordinated solution for your project.


Contact us to discuss your pipe support requirements.


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For more information please download our product literature, or contact your local Technical Sales Manager.