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Cable Tray & Ladder Supports

Roof-Pro offers a wide range of support solutions for cable tray and ladder runs.


Small Cable Tray/Ladder

The Roof-Pro TAB-C supports utilise a single, broad base that provides effective, non-penetrative support for cable tray runs carrying smaller pipe and cable volumes.

Installation is simple, with each cable tray support comprised of galvanised studding and an open-channel beam, which permits the locating and levelling of service runs.


Medium to Large Cable Tray/Ladder

Where there are project requirements for medium to larger cable tray volumes, then the TAB-C 500/750/1000 provides secure, yet flexible, support.

Each support consists of two Roof-Pro TAB bases, with an open-channel beam at widths of either 500mm, 750mm or 1000mm.


Multiple Trays/Ladders

For larger runs of cable tray/ladder, where either a higher support height is required, multiple support heights, or larger power cables are being supported, we would highly recommend that our RP-DPK supports are specified.

There are 3 standard beams widths: 1000mm, 1500mm and 2000mm. Bespoke sizes can be designed as and when required.

These supports can have pivoting legs and bases, and also allow different services (e.g. cable, duct and pipe) to be combined into one support solution, which makes our supports the most cost-effective, long-term option for the Building Owner.


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