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Three-Point Certification 

Roof-Pro's Three-Point Certification represents the fact that our free-standing support installations meet the high quality standards that are expected by our clients, and also by ourselves. This design philosophy means that we assess stability and load management. It also ensures that all future roof maintenance requirements have been accounted for.

Ultimately, this future-proofs the services installation with regards to the roof’s primary function, which is to water-proof the building. Once Three-Point Certification has been achieved, the project team will be issued with a 20 Year Warranty for the support solutions provided by Roof-Pro.


Roof-Pro's Three-Point Certification Considers:


1. Stability

We undertake calculations of your building services stability, including wind-loadings. Hence every support frame is considered against the specific site and unit requirements, and the correct support method is chosen by our design engineers. 


2. Load Management

We design our supports within the structural and waterproofing assembly limits set by the architect and structural consultants. This will include the roof deck, insulation compressive strength, and membrane parameters. This is a key area when supporting services but can often be overlooked by the site team.

For larger units and/or lighter-weight roof build-ups, we will produce load calculations for the project structural engineer's approval. For ductwork we will also include an assessment for snow loadings, which can often be overlooked. 


3. Building Clearance

We make allowances in our designs for vertical and horizontal clearance for safety, aesthetic and future roof maintenance access purposes.

Our minimum recommendation for building clearance under all services is 450-500mm - however we can cater for lower and higher support heights if your project parameters dictate otherwise.

The key function of the roof is to maintain its weather-proof and thermal integrity. Hence to be able to maintain or repair a roof without having to decommission services is a key cost benefit of our systems. In many cases, membrane warranties require the ability to investigate issues before they can be remedied under the manufacturers policy. This means that the poor installation of buidling services can potentially invalidate membrane warranties for the building owner.


We highly recommend that Roof-Pro's Three-Point Certification is included as part of your design specification, to ensure that all the relevant parameters have been considered by the installation team.


For more information, please contact your local Technical Sales Manager.