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We recommend that you contact us as early as possible in the design process, to discuss your specific project requirements.

Key design details can often be missed during the later stages of a project.

Therefore, we look to combine all of your requirements into our support recommendations as early as possible in the project tender process.

A meeting with your local Technical Sales Manager at this time can significantly reduce project costs and build schedules, by reviewing and incorporating Roof-Pro's inherent benefits into your project design.

Each project will have its own unique set of parameters. 


These parameters include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Roof build-up
  • Unit dimensions and weights
  • Deck structure and loading parameters
  • Planning issues
  • Space available on-site
  • Need for future roof maintenance
  • Access to the roof plant area
  • Existing services and/or obstructions
  • Build schedules
  • Building clearance required.


From indicative design layouts and preliminary unit selections we can always provide the project team with a quotation for our roof-top solutions. At this stage, we can also highlight any areas where you could combine services and/or eliminate support costs.

If time is not available at design stage, you can include a generic Roof-Pro Specification Clause in your tender specification documents.

However, we would always recommend that a tailored support specification is included with each project. This ensures that your support criteria and design information are clearly stated to everyone in the project team.

These details can often be left open for interpretation, which can unfortunately lead to poorly designed installations.


Please contact your local Technical Sales Manager, who will arrange for a quotation to be put together based on your specific project design requirements. 

We also offer indicative AutoCAD drawings of our roof-top solutions for inclusion in your design layouts. 

Roof-Pro's products and services are included in the specification software packages for Amtech NES and RIBA NBS Plus. 

For further information on these clauses, please contact us at:

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