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Duct supports

Duct Supports

Our duct supports are designed to create a stable and secure support method, for what in essence is an empty box of air. However, key issues of wind stability and load management still need to be considered. Especially for larger ducts, the potential effect of snow loading upon the support method, and hence also on the roof build-up, needs to be carefully managed. Roof-Pro's design team will take all of these considerations on-board and make the correct support recommendations.


Small to Medium Ducts

The TAB-D system clamps the duct at the required target height utilising a solid base support with twin threaded uprights. The system allows for changes in height and variation in duct sizes. There are three standard support beam sizes of 500mm, 750mm and 1000mm. Bespoke sizes are also available.


Large Ducts

For larger ductwork, or where a higher support target height is required, our RP-DPK system is recommended. There are 3 standard beams widths of 1000, 1500 or 2000mm, and bespoke sizes on request. These supports can have either threaded, or threaded and pivoting legs and bases, dependent on the roof fall and the level of adjustment onsite required.

Multiple Duct Runs

For multiple sets of ducting that run in parallel, and/or multi-level duct runs, we can design specific support frames for your requirements. Our pivoting and threaded leg allows for on-site levelling of the support frames and easy installation for the site team.

For multi-service runs (e.g. duct, pipe and cables) we can also design supports to provide a cost-effective and co-ordinated support solution for the project team. Duct Bracketry can be provided by Roof-Pro where necessary.


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