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Access systems

Access Solutions

The Roof-Pro range of access solutions is engineered to aid safe passage across and around flat roofs.

Each system is designed to BS 5395 and Building Regulations Document K, and then the specific requirements of the roof layout.

There is an inherent CDM design responsibility for all teams involved in the design process, to make sure a safe access route is provided for all required maintenance tasks, including in plant areas and general roof maintenance access (such as to rainwater outlet positions).

The current Work at Height Regulations 2005 is one of the key documents that determine your responsibilities and requirements on-site. 


Roof-Pro offers the following access solutions:

  • Step Overs
  • Roof Level Changes
  • Maintenance Access Platforms
  • Walkways.


As and when the project requirements make it necessary, Roof-Pro is happy to create a bespoke access solution.

Designs can include step-overs, ships ladders and cat ladders. The available options are dependent on site parameters.

If it is a complicated roof area it might involve a combination of all these access methods.

Maintenance platforms, walkway access routes and service runs can also be provided.

A Roof-Pro Site Surveyor can visit your site and provide the project team with detailed CAD designs for approval.


Contact us to discuss your access requirements. 


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For more information please download our product literature, or contact your local Technical Sales Manager.